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Bait Nets

Wet Net

Bait survival depends on a healthy slime coat on the fish you are transferring. This new design creates an environment where bait can be handled with the least damage possible to the transfer of bait fish, aquarium fish and hatchery fish. (Wet-Net is trademarked and patent pending).

The clear vinyl bottom holds water which allows the fish to stay lubricated and to remain calmer once you lift the net out of the water. Single fish transfer is not as necessary with this unique net design. The medium and large sizes come with a collapsible handle and retractable head for easier storage. Despite having greater resistance In the tank because of the clear vinyl bottom we find that many fish voluntarily swim into the net because of the clear panel.

Mesh Net

These bait nets are made with double layers of white fine mesh which help reduce slime coat removal and scare the fish less than black nets.  The double layer design extends the life of the net. The benefit this net offers over the wet net is less water resistance in the tank and less weight involved in the fish transfer, since this net does not retain water. Silver handles with plastic grip.