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Wet Net

Wet Net

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Bait survival depends on a healthy slime coat on the fish you are transferring. This new design creates an environment where bait can be handled with the least damage possible to the transfer of bait fish, aquarium fish and hatchery fish. (Wet-Net is trademarked and patent pending).

The clear vinyl bottom holds water which allows the fish to stay lubricated and to remain calmer once you lift the net out of the water. Single fish transfer is not as necessary with this unique net design. The medium and large sizes come with a collapsible handle and retractable head for easier storage. Despite having greater resistance In the tank because of the clear vinyl bottom we find that many fish voluntarily swim into the net because of the clear panel.

Now available in 4 styles AND two versions:  Small, Medium, Medium with an extendable handle and Large.

Version 1: This version is going to be softer on your baits because it contains double fine mesh along the inside side walls. It is the most gentle wet-net that we make!

Version 2: Version 2: This version is going to have a stronger collar and frame, along with the side walls having a more open design to allow water to pass through easily. Therefore, allowing you to move the net more freely through the water. The baits generally will be surrounded/submerged in water because of the wet-net clear vinyl bottom design, therefore protecting their slime coat.

The Small Wet-Net has a 20" long fixed handle and is useful for transferring single baits from your livewell. 

The Medium Wet-Net has a retractable 31" handle (good for storage) and is useful for transferring multiple baits at the same time. 

The Large Wet-Net has a retractable 36" handle that telescopes out an additional 27" for a total of 63" - great for using in your deep bait pens for moving large amounts of baits.  The telescoping handle can also be used on the receiving head of the Medium Wet-Net.

Nets are excluded from free shipping due to their size.