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Wahoo Magnet Green/Yellow - Size 12

Wahoo Magnet Green/Yellow - Size 12

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The Wahoo Magnet is designed especially to attract wahoo, however, it also works for tuna, mahi, billfish, and other game fish. This lure is rigged with high quality components.

  • 6 different colors available in 3 different weights and sizes
  • Durable tiger-striped & glittered double outer rubber skirts and Mylar inner skirt
  • Stiff-rigged hook with bead spacers to position the hook at the bottom of the skirt
  • Premium Mustad Fang hook
  • Glow in the dark eyes
  • Double barrel crimps
  • Stainless steel cable


Size                Lure               Lure               Hook         Swivel        Cable
                     Weight            Length             Size        Strength     Strength

6                    3 oz                6-1/2 in             6/0          375lbs       200lbs

9                    5 oz                9 in                   8/0           400lbs       275lbs

12                  7 oz                12 in                 20            525lbs       400lbs

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