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Mahi Magnet

Mahi Magnet

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          Weight  Length  Hook  Swivel  Mono
Size4   1 oz      4 1/2     5/0     100 lb    80 lb
Size5  1.75 oz  5 3/8     7/0     120 lb   100 lb
Size6   2.5 oz    6 1/2     8/0     150 lb  130 lb
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The Mahi Magnet is designed to attract dolphin; however, it also works for tuna, wahoo, kingfish, and other game fish. The combination of durable outer skirts with the action created by the feather and mylar inner skirts, plus the stiff-rigged placement of the hook with beads creates one of the most effective lures in its class today.

  • 6 different colors available
  • 3 different weights and sizes
  • Durable tiger striped & glittered double outer rubber skirt
  • Feather and mylar inner skirts
  • Stiff rigged hook with bead spacers to position the hook at the bottom of the skirt
  • Premium Mustad 7766D hook
  • Glow-in-the-dark eyes
  • Double barrel crimps