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Dredge Bars

Dredge Bars

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Dredge Arm
Eel Color

Durable spring stainless dredge bar with eel teasers and eels with hooks allow for multiple hookups with schooling fish like striped bass and bluefish. Available in a 4 arm and 6 arm dredge bars and eel kits sold separately to allow choice of eel color.


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Designed to catch blue runners and small bonitos (.5 to 2 lbs)

  • Two white feathers, fish skin, green head and green glow bead.
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • 2 hooks
  • Hook size 22
  • 60 lb. Main Line; 40 lb. Branch Line
  • Features durable, super sharp, corrosion resistant hooks
  • Prismatic fibers and skin to attract baitfish
  • Premium quality monofilament main lines and branch lines
  • Premium quality swivels and clasps