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R&R Tackle

Deep Drop Rigs

Deep Drop Rigs

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R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs are made with all premium components to ensure maximum performance at great depths and under extreme strain. Each rig has premium monofilament leader, using premium quality circle hooks and terminal tackle. All of our deep drop rigs feature technical improvements designed to enhance the "tried and true" variation which is used globally to put more deep water species, like snappers, tilefish and groupers, in the boat.

5/0, 7/0 and 8/0 models each have 5 hooks whereas the 10/0 has 4 hooks.

  • Features strong and corrosion resistant circle hooks
  • Glow sleeve makes the fish bite the hook
  • Breakaway snap swivel that opens if lead is hung in the bottom
  • Swiveled hook helps eliminate fish loss and twisted leaders

Deep Dropping

Deep Drop Fishing Information

Deep drop fishing is a technique used by anglers to catch fish that live in deep waters. This type of fishing is becoming increasingly popular among fishing enthusiasts due to its thrill and challenge. However, to successfully fish in deep waters, anglers need to use specialized gear, such as deep drop rigs.

Deep drop rigs are designed to help anglers fish in deep waters. These rigs are made up of several components that work together to attract fish and secure the catch. The main components of a deep drop rig include a weight, a leader, a hook, and a bait. The weight is used to sink the rig to the desired depth, while the leader, hook, and bait are used to attract and catch fish.

One of the advantages of using deep drop rigs is that they allow anglers to target fish species that are not commonly found in shallow waters. Fish like swordfish, tilefish, and grouper are typically found in deep waters, and using deep drop rigs can increase the chances of catching these species.

Another advantage of using deep drop rigs is that they allow anglers to fish in areas that are less crowded. Since deep drop fishing requires specialized gear and knowledge, there are fewer anglers fishing in deep waters. This means that anglers who use deep drop rigs can fish in peace and quiet without worrying about other anglers crowding the area.

However, deep drop fishing also has its challenges. Fishing in deep waters requires specialized gear, and anglers need to have knowledge of the area they are fishing in. Additionally, the weather and water conditions can be unpredictable, making it challenging for anglers to stay safe while fishing.

In conclusion, deep drop fishing is a thrilling and challenging activity that requires specialized gear and knowledge. Deep drop rigs are an essential component of this type of fishing, and they are designed to help anglers catch fish in deep waters. While there are advantages and challenges to deep drop fishing, it is a popular activity among fishing enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of catching fish that are not commonly found in shallow waters.