Collection: Wahoo Magnets

The Wahoo Magnet is designed especially to attract wahoo; however, it also works for tuna, mahi, billfish, and other game fish. This lure is rigged with high quality components designed to withstand crushing attacks from the oceans' fiercest predators. The current Wahoo Magnet design is the culmination of years of testing aboard the Miss Britt Sportfishing Fleet. The weight is in the head, so there is no need for extra lead!


  • 6 different colors available in 3 different weights and sizes
  • Durable tiger-striped & glittered double outer rubber skirts and mylar inner skirt
  • Stiff-rigged hook with bead spacers to position the hook at the bottom of the skirt
  • Premium Mustad double hook
  • Glow-in-the-dark eyes
  • Double barrel crimps
  • Stainless steel cable