Collection: M2 Lightweight Kite Release Clips

Specially designed by Capt. Ray Rosher on the Miss Britt charter boats to improve upon the existing, traditional kite release clip for light wind conditions, but used in all wind conditions. The M2s have a single body design, now with a tensioning screw which won't corrode. Each clip is manufactured using a proprietary plastic material which is resilient and incredibly durable.

The new lightweight design will diminish the propensity for your kite line to bow and dip into the water in light weight conditions. They are extremely easy to adjust on the fly. Ceramic or stainless steel rings are simply "pushed" into place, instead of being clipped, which makes for an easier and softer breakaway when pressure is applied.

Available in 3 graduated sizes (M2 - 3 Set) or 4 graduated sizes (M2-4 Set).  No need to drill out the clips.

Best when used with R & R's 9 mm rounded stainless steel kite rings, also available on this website.

 ***Proper sized swivels are included with the purchase of these clips.***

M2 Kite Release Clips R&R Tackle from Miss Britt