Collection: Fluorocarbon Bait Rigs

In clear water conditions, or when baits are being finicky about eating, these Miss Britt charter boat tested and proven fluorocarbon bait rigs provide the extra level of stealth needed to catch small baits in difficult conditions. In addition to being invisible in the water, fluorocarbon is stronger than monofilament and more resistant to sharp teeth or scales. All have 8 strong hooks and are available in a variety of sizes and color patterns to provide anglers with the perfect combination of premium components to catch wary baits which are sensitive to motion. 

The RGF4, with 4 red-headed hooks on the bottom and 4 green-headed hooks at the top of the rig, is Captain Ray Rosher's and Miss Britt Charters' favorite bait rig!  It targets the menhaden that typically eat at the bottom and the Threadfin Herring which eat more often at the top of the water column, but catches all types of baits. Once one bait eats, the others pile on for a potential stringer of 8 baits!