Collection: Blue Runner Bait Rigs

These specially designed bait rigs were developed to attract, hook, and hold blue runners or hard tails. Blue runners are notoriously strong for their size, but are prized baits for a variety of big game species. These bait rigs feature stronger main lines (50-60 pound test) and branch lines (30 -40 pound test), heavier duty hooks, and stronger swivels to withstand consistent pressure and use over time.

Kite Fishing

Kite fishing is a fishing method that includes a kite attached to a line with release clips which hold the line from your fishing reel. You can fish live bait or even a lure while kite fishing. The kite is flown over a body of water which you intend to cover with the bait swimming just beneath the surface, which keeps your line and terminal tackle out of the water for those line shy fish. Kite fishing is a popular technique for targeting sailfish, king mackerel, tunas, wahoo, marlin and more.

Here at R&R Tackle we specialize in making the highest quality kite fishing gear. We offer all the products you will need to get started except the rods and reels. We have created a system which all ties in together to give you the best fishing experience when attempting to kite fish.

Our kite lines are hand tied and specially made for our patented release clips, which are the lightest and have the best release system on the market. Made for the tournament angler and your weekend warrior. We do not use swivels on our kite lines, instead we use floss as stoppers. This will make your kite lines lighter and easier to fly your kite since you have less terminal tackle
in the air.

Bridling your bait is a key step to kite fishing. This technique offers higher hook up ratios do to the fact that your hook is attached to a rigging band and not straight to your bait. When setting the hook, the rigging band will break and now you will have just a bare hook inside the fish’s mouth ready to snag. Here at R&R Tackle we have made a syntenic plastic needle which has a hook gap in the back specially made for our rigging bands. This allows you to set the band inside the needle and have it ready to rig the bait.

One product that has become a must to make your kite fishing experience a whole lot better is the use of our live bait tubes and live bait bucket tubes. This will make the process faster, tangle free and much more enjoyable. Also, will keep your baits healthier and swimming strong. The trick to using the live bait tubes is to rig all three of your baits and have them set inside the tubes getting flowing oxygenated water while you set up the boat and put out the kite. Once you are ready to deploy your baits its as easy as letting the kite out and clipping on each bait and the kite goes out.