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Slide Baits

$ 11.99

This Line through swim bait is made out of a very durable plastic to withstand fish after fish! With this bait being a "line through", it allows the bait to slide up the leader, therefore relieving pressure from the hook set and preventing the hook from creating a large hole and falling out of the fish's mouth. Anglers have the ability to run different hook options such as Fang Hook, Circle hooks, J Hooks and Treble hooks!

Perfect bait for targeting Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Grouper, Cobia, Striped Bass, Mahi Mahi and much much more!

 Lure Size
Hook Size
3.5 inch Slow Sink (1/4oz) 5/0
3.5 inch Fast Sink (1/2oz) 5/0
5 inch Slow Sink (1oz)


5 inch Fast Sink (1.5oz) 7/0
6 inch Slow Sink (1oz) 7/0
6 inch Mid Sink (1.5oz) 8/0
6inch Fast Sink (2oz) 8/0
8.5 inch Slow Sink (1.5oz) 8/0
8.5 inch Fast Sink (2oz) 9/0