RGF6 Fluorocarbon Sabiki

$ 29.99

  • Improved Fluorocarbon Model with NEW and BETTER FISH SKIN
  • 4 red 4 green glow beads with fish skin
  • 8 gold hooks
  • Hook size 6
  • 10 lb. Main Line; 6 lb. Branch Line


R & R Sabikis have set the benchmark for quality bait catching rigs in the sport fishing industry. Developed exclusively for catching multiple varieties of bait fish in South Florida, our sabiki rigs can be used globally to capture nearly any bait fish that swims. Hand crafted from premium materials, these rigs are constructed using durable hooks and proprietary materials that are proven to attract bait fish. Our sabiki rigs are ideal for catching pilchards, herring, sardines, and larger baits such as goggle eyes, blue runners, and bonita.

  • Features durable, super sharp, corrosion resistant hooks
  • Premium fish skin to attract bait fish
  • Premium quality fluorocarbon main lines and branch lines
  • Premium quality swivels and snaps