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Mahi Magnet

$ 10.49

The Mahi Magnet Lure is designed especially to attract dolphin or mahi-mahi/dorado, however, it also works for tuna, wahoo, kingfish, sailfish and other game fish. This lure is rigged with high quality components and a premium 7766D Mustad hook. The combination of durable outer skirts with the action created by the feather and mylar inner skirts, plus the stiff-rigged placement of the hook with beads creates one of the most effective lures in its class today.


               Weight          Length       Hook      Swivel         Mono

Size 4      1 oz                4 1/2            5/0         100 lb.         80 lb.

Size 5      1 3/4 oz.        5 3/8            7/0         120 lb.        100 lb.

Size 6      2 1/2 oz.        6 1/2            8/0         150 lb.        130 lb.