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$ 14.99

This Swim-bait is a 5 in "line through" lure, with a jig style hook placement for ultimate hook exposure and direct hook sets. When the fish shakes its head the lure slides up the line taking away the leverage from the fish, resulting in less pulled hooks. Great for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout, Bass, Grouper, Snapper and much more!

The head is made out of hard plastic with strong clear coat that will last many fish and the tail is made out of soft plastic for that awesome paddle tail action. Tail is designed to be fished super slow on the bottom or fast and has a natural fall. Evenly distributed weight allows lure to stay up right for natural action even when fished slow. Tail can be easily changed just by screwing it off and adding a new one. Comes with a 6/0 2X Strong Black Nickle Mustad hook.

Can be used in freshwater and saltwater applications!

Lure weight : 1.25 oz