Collection: Shrimp Jigs

R & R Tackle Shrimp Jigs

  • Beautifully colored lead jigheads are available from a 1/4 ounce to 2 oz.
  • Durable matching-colored (tangerine, grape, pearl white, aqua, root beer and flamingo) shrimp tails (5 packs on 4” shrimp and 8 packs in 3” shrimp)
  • super strong black nickel hook (2X strong), make these products desirable to the fisherman seeking to hook, fight and catch big fish like tarpon and snook.  

The appropriately heavy jigheads and tails are perfect in heavy current conditions where lighter shrimp will be swept away. 

It's a product that has been missing in the saltwater market and a lot of snook and tarpon guys love it because of the high-quality hook on the jig head.